What I actually do as a young entrepreneur: 48 hours of my life.

So within the past 48 hours… I’ve had, well, I’ve had a pretty productive couple of days. It’s been a particularly exhausting day, so I decided to share.

Lets see what happened… hmmm… let me try to recall here…

First I decided to start the day with some internet trolling as usual. For those who don’t know, I’m a prolific internet troll. It comes with the territory of being a real radical. Not saying all radicals are trolls, but I am saying that radicals are good at trolling. Fact.

I’ve been getting more acquainted and comfortable with using reddit as a traffic source and general place to cause controversy. Very useful for my professional work in marketing. So I’m on reddit, posting some troll shit as usual. This time I post a 3 part article series I quickly wrote up with no facts backing it (although there is data out there) on “Why indie games are the ‘perfect’ place for organizations to launder money.”


So no luck. Didn’t draw much attention my law with that troll attempt.

Suddenly I get a call. Guy says he’s with a regional center and wants to discuss EB-5 with my company. For those that don’t know, I own a tiny private equity finance company that does overseas investments. We were formerly (or currently) contracted with Kushner Real Estate, of the Kushner family (Donald Trump’s son-in-law).

So anyways, this guy Andy calls. Nice guy. Kind of a monotone voice, but he’s very professional. So they’re doing an investment project where they’re building an equestrian center for the world equestrian games. Basically the horse olympics watched by the top 1% of the top 1%’ers.

So Andy fills me in, cause he knows I work for the Republicans and all. Oh yeah, this project is owned by the Mercer family. For those that don’t know, the Mercer family is one of the top 3 or 4 political donors to the Trump campaign and basically put him in office. That doesn’t surprise me, big money and politics are always mixed.

But what surprised me was that the project was declared by the federal government as “being in the national interest”. Well then sir. You now have my interest. I can work on a project endorsed by the federal government? Woot.

So we decide that when I finish restructing my company in a couple of months we’re gonna meet up again and discuss doing a deal where I sign them as a client of my company TW International LLC.

It’s up the air though. I still have a contract with Kushner Real Estate and I got another offer from the NFL Hall of Fame to raise capital for them. So who knows. And then there’s another like 3–4 project owners we never responded to…

Man it gets busy as a financier. Especially since I’m a broke financier and not a rich financier. I’m middle class at most.

So I go back to trolling. This time I build out two landing pages I put up as phony startup companies. One is called TrollHunter.tk, an anti-trolling service, and one is called Indie.GA, a fake indie games award. The guys I talk to in the gamedevs chatroom are moderately amused, but eh… waste of time. Failed startups. Two in one day!

Next thing you know, my friend and business partner Riley calls me. Oh boy, it’s about the broker dealer stuff again. You see, I just got hired by a financial services company, a boutique investment banking firm, as a private placement rep. Unfortunately that entails me paying a lot of money for federal registration fees with FINRA and the SEC, and I have to pass two series exams which would take approximately 3 to 4 months of studying to do so.

Sigh. Riley says to me, “Hey man, ready to register for the exams and with the sponsor?”

Then I go, “No actually, I’ve been thinking… Why don’t I just work under you and not be a broker dealer.”

So basically I come up with this plan where I work under Riley instead of working as CEO of my own branch office, so I don’t have to get my broker dealers license. There’s a whole compensation issue that comes up, but I have workarounds and legal loopholes for all that good stuff. So we settle on that and schedule to meet with our attorney Steve. We also settle with continuing to hire Long over in Vietnam to be our contracted overseas partners providing sales reps.

So after that I decide to write an article. You know what, it’s been awhile since I wrote an article, a real article of the quality that I submitted to e27 and Yahoo! News and Tech in Asia. So I sit down and write one about startups.

It’s called “Most startup founders cannot answer this question: How do you test if there is a market for your product?”

Somewhere in here I get some sleep in. Not sure how many hours I get, but I do this and run some errands.

So article goes and I managed to get it published in Gamasutra, e27, and Google News. Yay! I’m so happy I do a little dance. I always wanted to be in Gamasutra, which is a games industry news site.

Somewhere in there I do a meeting with Tom Buscaglia, the former Chair of the International Game Developers Association. I talk to Tom cause I’m doing some articles on politics and gaming, the usual stuff. Anyways, after talking to him, Tom decides to appoint me to the steering committee for the business and legal special interest group. Awesome. This is awesome because the association represents 12,000 game developers.

Now I get to do even more cool stuff.

Now so I discover Simbi. Well I discovered it awhile back, but never used it. Well today, I really fucking used it. And man, I gotta say, it’s one of my favorite startups ever. It’s basically an exchange network where you barter for goods.

So several hours deep and I’m talking to like 7 people. So I meet this guy Daniel Plaat and we schedule to have a political discussion. What with me working in politics and all. So I find out he’s the candidate for the Green Party mayoral race for the city of Albany! How cool is that! So I talk to him for well over an hour. And we discussed our different political strategies. He even leaves me a good review as well. Nice guy, totally cool of him. I end by leaving him a shoutout on the Green Party of Orange County’s members only group (how or why I’m in there… don’t even ask, it’s another story).

One funny part of the conversation was I told him about how I was supposed to be the first establishment Republican to interview “Gays for Trump” the organization. And then they never show up. He asks me if maybe they’re just trolling me. I reply, “I don’t know… they’re way too dedicated to be trolling… they even have a radio show.”


So now I got 2 people writing political articles for me, and a comic book artist for Marvel wants me to help him with political issues. Great, looks like I have a packed day. But I come to find the holy grail.

Holy crap, I just made a deal for acting lessons from Tyler Ross! He’s a famous actor and Netflix star, check out his wikipedia.

This might be even better than earlier this year when I paid a contractor with the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency to give me a lesson in espionage and spying. True story, Jack was there. And he never even billed me for it!

Anyways, then I meet up with Jack. Me and Jack start to get to work. How much work? A lot of fucking work. I can’t tell you all of it here, because it’s coming out in a press release soon. But we basically built an entire public policy think tank which took months of groundwork. And today we launched the website and recruited our first few founding members.

I never thought I’d be able to build a public policy think tank, but I just did it. So stoked about it. It’s up at www.ncgp.ga.

This is sure to get me brownie points in the Republican party. Oh and- we might even revolutionize an industry. Just sayin.

Spent the better part of a day on that.

Next thing you know, I got a guy from the National Whistleblower Center saying he wants to join me and Jack’s project. And now we got another guy that’s a famous indie games developer saying he wants to join too. And now we’re snowballing and we’ve got something awesome going.

Now I decide to take a break and work on some hobbyist stuff. I make a blog called www.influential.tk where I interview interesting people. I put out a call for interviews and immediately get around 7 or so replies. So first couple of interviews in, and I’m interviewing a professional escort who calls herself the “geeky geisha”. Oh man, not what I expected at all. Oh well, interview published anyways. FYI- I’m doing like 4 interviews at the same time just multi-tasking.

Now I need to get some freelance work done. I’ve got a pile of work and I haven’t gotten to any of it. Ben hits me up and gives me a couple of content marketing assignments from a lawyer client of his. Yayyyy money.

And I’ve got about 12 hours of backlog work for Incuvation Labs, the startup incubator that I need to get to.

Oh and then Stephanie from Singapore calls. She runs an investment advisory firm over there. This time she calls me and she’s all secretive. Apparently she needs me to help her set up a cybersecurity firm in Vietnam and the government is giving her a hard time. So I contact my lawyer in Vietnam to help her out. And now I gotta go try to find some government and military connections. Oh boy. Not even sure if I can do this, but Stephanie tells me to “work my magic”.

Around now one of my guys from my company contacts me and asks for the database of 220,000 people I have for him to contact in order for us to raise some capital. It’s only September 2017 and I’m already fundraising for the election year of 2018. The early bird gets the worm. But it’s not ready yet and I haven’t gotten around to pruning the list and filtering it for him, so I tell him to come back again once I finish it.

Right now I’m employing about 5 guys, totaling approximately 7 guys in my company. Started as just two guys and a BMW about 8 months ago so not bad. We’re growing. Make that 7 guys if you count my man overseas. 16 guys if you count the fact that my man overseas in Vietnam has 10 guys on his team under him.

Roll call: TW International LLC

  • I got one guy working on fundraising capital (Joey)
  • I got 3 contractors working on analysis and content (Paddy, Jonathan, Lydia)
  • I got 1 guy working on business development (Jack)
  • I got 1 guy and his team of 10 working on sales in Vietnam (Long)
  • I got my partner working on federal regulation compliance (Riley)

And I’m working on… I have no idea what I’m working on. Maybe I don’t really do anything.

So it’s by now it’s been about 48 hours, and I really need to get cracking on my backlog of work for the startup incubator. Plus I need to wake up for my acting lesson with Tyler Ross.

And that concludes 48 hours of my life. Hope you enjoyed it. Because I sure as hell didn’t.

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